What is TRX?

TRX Is What A Workout Should Be - Fast, Fun and Effective

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What is TRX?

TRX is simple, gravity-based exercise using our patented equipment, world-class training programs and your body weight. You make the exercises harder or easier by repositioning your body. In just 15 minutes a day, TRX transforms the way you look, feel and think!

7 Simple Moves

Transform your body with these seven foundational movements

7 Simple Movements

Its easy to get started with TRX by learning 7 simple moves. Then advance at your own pace into hundreds of great exercises. TRX is for everyone of all abilities -- its that easy!

Strong Enough

Built TRX Strong

TRX equipment is built to keep you secure throughout your workout. We use industrial-grade nylon webbing rated to hold over 1300 lbs, and TRX heavy-duty construction includes redundant stitching and safety features to support you wherever you choose to workout.

Wherever, Whenever

Workout Anytime. Anywhere

With TRX, you can workout whenever and wherever you want. The straps are easy to pack, carry and set up. At home, on the road, in a park and at the beach -- TRX goes everywhere you go!


Find Your TRX Pro

With over 200,000 qualified TRX Trainers worldwide, you can choose the best TRX Pro for you!

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